Political Impact on Society

ministry of foreign affairs-540810_640Every country around the globe has had its share of political influence change the way that society functions. Modern history has most certainly demonstrated this.

In 1917 in Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution created an upheaval that transformed it from being a Czar-led monarchy into a communist country. The impact it had on society around the world was palpable as this occurred during the end of the First World War. At its core, communism was destined to fail because it held the belief that no person truly wished to own property.

This choked off capitalistic movements forward for the economy and eventually collapsed. Universally, most all individuals do not wish to have every move of their lives dictated and food doled out by government decrees. Most people want to have freedom to say what they want, dress how they wish and live and work freely as well.

Another example of the impact politics and government have on society is in the Middle East. The recent upheaval of governments by the people has not just affected the societal norms in the region, but across the globe. The impact comes through economically as well as emotionally.

Gas prices surge and recede as various political changes take place in the region. This impacts society in the Western world, particularly in the United States where most citizens make use of cars that run on gas. When prices are high, there is less use of gasoline.

If there is no change because people need to use gas to get to work in their cars, there is a least an impact on the spending they do in other areas of their lives. They are less likely to take vacations or buy non-essential items. This affects the retail market and the economy at large.

In the United States, the political impact on society is palpable.  Politicians who run for office promise to make changes that will increase job availability and lower taxes. Some politicians also make promises regarding issues that focus on various ethnic groups. If those promises conflict with the group’s perceived needs, riots and protests break out, leading to disorder and arrests.

Terrorism is a long-standing method for fighting against various societal conditions brought on through political influence. While this is also attributed to being Middle Eastern in origin, there is no way to forget the terrorism during the middle the to late 1900s that took place in the United Kingdom.

The fighting had been a bone of contention for hundreds of years, but as the British government strove to create regulations that would bring equality to the region of Northern Ireland, primarily Protestants, it cause friction from Catholics in the Republic of Ireland. When the government realized the infighting this spurred on, they sent army forces to stabilize the regions.

The societal impact of bombings and continual friction was notable. People had to worry about the threat of bombs going off and had to worry about imminent injury or death. This changed their behavior when going about their daily business. In music, the expression of emotions brought to the surface was clearly reflected in angry, loud, and combative punk music.

The Internet has become a conduit for the expression of the daily impact of politics on society. In an instant, people from around the world can connect, inform and share events as they take place when political friction rises.

They can talk to one another and react and reflect on current political issues and the people who are running for office. They can all share the direct, daily impact that politics has on their lives in society.

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