The Latest News In Politics – June, 2016


As of June 26th, 2016, the biggest political news revolves around Brexit, wherein the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on June 23rd. The term itself is merely a portmanteau of “British exit.” The final tally was 52 percent to 48 percent in favor of parting ways. Over 30 million people were part of the vote, amounting to the most substantial turnout for a voting matter in the UK since 1992.

The European Union is a political and economic partnership comprised of nearly 30 European countries. It was initially started after the second World War in an attempt to help rebuild the economy of the region through regular trade. In time, the EU has become a single market that almost acts as if the individual members come together to comprise a single country.

The European Union even has its own currency in the euro, a form of payment that has been widely accepted throughout 19 countries. There’s a parliament as well, which works to determine rules on matters involving rights, transport, the environment, and even a host of significantly smaller topics. By voting to exit the union, the United Kingdom was essentially opting to become fully independent.

England and Wales were the primary factors in the decision since their polls were in favor of Brexit. Scotland and Ireland on the other hand obviously prefer remaining in the EU. Scotland in particular voted a strong 62 percent in favor of staying. This has lead to one of the most notable forms of backlash regarding Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon (the Scottish First Minister) has made quite a stir over the unfair nature of his country not being able to remain in the union despite that being what it voted for. He has been quoted as saying that the decision is democratically unacceptable. It appears likely that the country will go through yet another independence referendum in response.

Brexit marks the first time one of the European Union states has exited. The charge was lead primarily by the UK Independence Party. As a whole, they felt as if Britain was being held accountable for too many EU mandated rules. The matter of membership fees was also a major point of contention. Despite the desire of many to have Britain in control of its own borders, many citizens have already expressed displeasure that the exit managed to pass.

Given how new the situation is, there are a lot of questions and concerns circulating regarding the Brexit issue as a whole. The decision has created a ripple effect that could potentially change many aspects of life for UK citizens, and perhaps even the entire world. With a major political election looming in the US, there’s already a lot of talk regarding how Brexit will factor into the debates and campaigns moving forward. Various international countries are also left wondering what Brexit will mean for their economies. The story is sure to continue unraveling in many immensely impactful ways throughout the remainder of the year.

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