Exactly What Is Politics?

Politics is the term used to describe the actions and activities of politicians as they seek to influence people to their way of thinking. Groups fall into specific political groups, sometimes called political parties, which act to persuade people that their way of thinking is correct.

Politics has a lot to do with the power of persuading people that a certain political group has the correct methods and motivations to satisfactorily rule an area, a faction, a town, county, state or country.

Political groups and parties develop certain beliefs and methods with which they feel that they can adequately and properly govern. In countries where the people vote, politics takes on a very important role, as the people can vote their own way and consequently it becomes important for politicians to be able to persuade the voters to vote for their political candidates, as opposed to politicians of another political party.

Politics affects the daily lives of people in that the philosophies and precepts of a certain political way of thinking can affect a country’s economy, municipal services, employment status, standards of living, and the general way of life of the people.

If a certain political party gains power through the vote of the people, than is it likely that the philosophies and ideals of that political party will be implemented.

From the beginning of time and in the most primitive of societies, politics has played a role, in the quest for leadership and domination of certain people and groups, who attempt to gain predominance over others. The gaining of alliances and backing is key to a political advantage when people are seeking leadership status in any society.

If a leader has the political backing of other people and groups, he or she has a distinct advantage if a leadership role is desired. This advantage is likely to be maintained as long as the voting public perceives that the leader along with his or her political allies appear to be doing a good job.

If, however, the general population perceives that the leadership and the political group aligned with that leader is not doing a very good job, then a new political movement is likely to emerge, with now political leadership with new ideas.

Even in absolute dictatorships and monarchies, politics play a major role among secondary leadership and other bureaucrats who seek to gain a certain degree of power. Politics, then, serves to be a workable method for people to make their philosophies and ideals known for the purpose of influencing others in many types of settings.

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